Thursday, October 13, 2011

"comfort" care?

I have personally heard of this as "standard medical procedure".  I have to ask what kind of sadist named this "comfort" care?  Does it sound comfortable to you to suffocate for 8 hours?  This video with Jill Stanek is not made up.  It is not exaggeration.  This is again, THE STANDARD PROCEDURE, when the abortion fails to cause death.

It is sickening. 

Please share this so people can be educated into knowing the true standards to the procedures they blindly stand up for. 

And answer me this, why is it that if a person is starving to death, or otherwise waisting away in a hospital or nursing home, it is illegal to let them set aside and wait it out, but a mother can say "no, you must let my baby sit on your counter and die." 

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