Thursday, October 13, 2011

"comfort" care?

I have personally heard of this as "standard medical procedure".  I have to ask what kind of sadist named this "comfort" care?  Does it sound comfortable to you to suffocate for 8 hours?  This video with Jill Stanek is not made up.  It is not exaggeration.  This is again, THE STANDARD PROCEDURE, when the abortion fails to cause death.

It is sickening. 

Please share this so people can be educated into knowing the true standards to the procedures they blindly stand up for. 

And answer me this, why is it that if a person is starving to death, or otherwise waisting away in a hospital or nursing home, it is illegal to let them set aside and wait it out, but a mother can say "no, you must let my baby sit on your counter and die." 


I haven't been able to write here nearly as much as I would like to and that makes me feel very guilty.  In a personal update, I am still apparently "un-hireable", or it would seem.  Since having Planned Parenthood on my resume, it has been ten months since I have been able to find work.  I am starting to feel very low.  But enough of the pity-party.  God will provide. 

I came across an amazing, awe-inspiring movement last night when I was working on the Internet.  I watched a 30 minute video and it blew my mind.  You truly must see this video, whether you are already against abortion, for abortion, or wavering, you just need to see this video.  Absolutely intelligent, and hits right at the heart of the matter. 

Here is a link to this terrific video called 180.  I hope that you will  all share this just as I am.  It is one of the most intelligent movements I have ever seen in the war against Abortion.


Yes this is the video that compares Abortion in America to the Holocaust and Adolf Hitler. Many who are against this are saying there is no way that you can compare the two because the Holocaust happened on such a large scale. Apparently they aren't aware of how many innocents are being taken every day in the name of selfishness. The Holocaust wasn't one large bomb that killed off all those poor souls at once. It was a large amount of people commiting the sin of murder, often one at a time, such as an Abortion clinic.
I see no difference, and the hipocritical nature of saying that Hitler was wrong, but a woman is right, makes no sense to me. I worked there, I know that the majority of the women who came in, did so for selfish reasons.

I hope that those of you who support the saving of unborn children across the nation, will share this as much as possible, and use these tactics the next time that someone argues about the rights of her Vagina. What about the rights of that child? Seems to me that one sin keeps leading to another. When will they stop?

I still feel personally damned for my role in the murders commited while I worked there, I am trying to come to terms with that. I think it will be a very long road. I will try to stand up for the rights of these children as strongly as I can. It is the least I can do.

Monday, May 2, 2011

True Intentions

We’ve all heard the statements “Planned Parenthood is 90% preventative care”. I beg to differ after working there. The clinicians and staff are great on the days when they can focus primarily on “family Planning” clients, clients who need annual exams and infection checks, and birth controls. However it is never far away from the boss’s mouths that they must increase their abortion counts. How can you be preventative if your goal is to profit from increasing the problem???

I don’t think I worked a single day where I did not hear about the need to increase high end appointments. And code accordingly so that cash clients paid the lowest fee while it seemed extra test just happened to be needed for patients with insurance or Medicaid. I was always hearing that abortions needed to increase, even when we couldn’t fill the open slots we already had for scheduling.

I would love to see Planned Parenthood truly be 90% preventative. I know there is a huge social need for cheap and affordable health care for the young and/or under privileged. However I don’t for one minute believe that prevention is their focus.

I can only hope that you will see through all the testimonies available on the internet from post employees, that they are not being sincere. And if they are not honest about one thing, can you trust them to educate you before you make a life changing decision?